1. What sets us apart from others and why should you invest in $SAFO?

We prioritize transparency and have a team with real faces – no hiding. We are committed to fighting against scammers and ensuring security, which will play an increasingly important role in the Crypto World.

2. What are we doing here?

We offer multiple features that are well-known in the WEB3 space and expected by the community, including staking, farming, swapping, audits, and a secure path to our blockchain. We have developed a unique Launchpad personally led by us to ensure the safety of our investors.

3. What are we currently working on?

Our main focus right now is increasing visibility. We are revamping our design and updating our Whitepaper. Our work is ongoing, so the process never stops.

4. Selling the dream

We're not just about talking big numbers like a 100 million market cap. Our goal is to establish an always-evolving process that makes people happy and secure in their involvement.

5. How do we maintain the project and create value?

Consider us the underdogs who bring unexpected innovations to add value to our game. We constantly form partnerships with other projects already utilizing our services. Our offerings are accessible to anyone old enough, and we have some exciting plans in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

About Us

SafeOne Chain

SafeOne Chain is a pioneering ecosystem dedicated to safeguarding against scams and rug pulls. Our core strength lies in the mastery of our private Proof-of-Stake (POS) Blockchain, expertly crafted from the ground up, combining the best of BTC and EVM technologies. Our blockchain will feature a dual on-boarding system. Smart contracts (standard as of now) & common software (for industrial production processes & more). Imagine, entire production processes of pharmacy, car production, construction industry entirely on blockchain. We're on a mission to usher in a new era of blockchain technology that's secure and revolutionary. Welcome to SafeOne Chain, where safety and innovation converge.

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Connect with SAFO and access all the functions that we offer you

Safeone Chain brings new utilities to our community, including staking, OTC farms, Utility NFTs and more.

SAFO Platform HarvestHub Audit

SafeOne Chain Wallet

SafeOne Wallet is the official SAFO crypto wallet and serves as the primary tool, effectively acting as a remote control for the SafeOne Blockchain. With SafeOne Wallet, you can securely send, receive, and store Bitcoin, along with a wide range of other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. In addition, you will be able to integrate SAFO Wallet easily through simple RPC integration with most Blockchains in the crypto space. It will serve as the central hub for all SafeOne Blockchain functions, including the SafeOne validator program, SafeOne stake on-chain, SafeOne Bridge, SafeOne Bots, and many more.


SafeOne Insurance

SafeOne Chain will provide various insurance policies designed to safeguard against any type of scam or rug incident on the SafeOne Blockchain. In the event of an exploit, all invested funds up to the maximum insurance limit will be refunded. Once the policy is paid out or the validity of the NFT expires, the NFT will be permanently removed (burned). Expired and unused NFTs can be exchanged for new and valid ones, with a cost equivalent to just 25% of your initial purchase price.

Insurance Policy's
Payment Solutions & Fiat

SafeOne Payment Solutions & Fiat Onramp

SafeOne Chain's fiat onramp payment solution provides the easiest way for non-crypto users to purchase BNB, ETH, BTC, or $SAFO tokens without the need to first buy the underlying mother chain token on a centralized exchange (CEX) and then trade it on a decentralized exchange. With our payment solutions, you can use a credit card directly on our website to buy $SAFO tokens or coins and send them straight to your wallet. It's easier than ever before and accessible to everyone. Additionally, SafeOne Chain offers a variety of unconventional payment solutions through various partnerships. Check it out and use $SAFO just like regular fiat currency.

MoonPay Fiat Onramp Swap
Digital KYC free Debit Card

SafeOne Digital KYC free Debit Card

With the SafeOne digital debit card, you can make purchases of up to $10,000 daily or $150,000 monthly worldwide without requiring any KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. You'll have the ability to use $SAFO or select coins to fund your debit card with cryptocurrency and make purchases of products and services without the need for prior KYC verification, no matter where you are in the world.

Physical KYC free Debit Card

SafeOne Launch-pad

This brand-new launchpad, which is completely free of rugs, combines the greatest launchpad, staking, yield aggregator, and referral technologies. We promise that every project we launch will do so successfully and with the highest level of security for all presale investors.

TrustLaunch Audit Video

SafeOne Email Newsletter

The web2 application will serve as a strong marketing tool for SafeOne Chain and will be used as an external revenue source for the project. In a second stage, it is planned to completely automate the Safeburst app and offer one comprehensive Web3 service for everyone. Are you looking for a strong marketing tool or just want to send your clients a newsletter update? Here, you have the custom-designed solution.

Our Tokenomics

$SAFO Tokenomics

300M Total Supply

8% Tax Buy/Sell

Our Services for you!

$SAFO Services

Safeone Chain offers a comprehensive package of in-house and partner services tailored for both crypto and non-crypto businesses, creating an additional external revenue source for our ecosystem. Additionally, we provide a wide array of trusted partners to support your project at any given time.


SafeBurst Pricing

our team

Safe One Chain

Mathias W.

Germany CEO / DEV

-Entrepreneur since 21 years
-Crypto Lover since 2012
-Crypto team up since 2019
-First own crypto project in 2022
-Hobbys: C++, Solidity, music and festivals
-Owner of QBE Labs
-Owner of Lumi Foundation


Germany CMO

- Diverse professional career in various segments
- Experience as a strategic purchaser
- Worked in the field of business consulting
- Active in the cryptocurrency industry since 2021
- Wide range of skills and expertise in procurement
- Unique player in the emerging crypto industry
- Career development and impact in the digital currency world

Manuel Acevedo

Venezuela Web Development

-Graphic Designer
-3 years of experience designing for the crypto world
-Knowledge in C++, HTML, CSS, SQL
-NFT Artist
-Systems Engineer

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