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Secure Blockchain Concept through vetted project onboarding and tokenized Insurance policy.

Contract Address(BEP20)


-ETH Private/Presale rates-

✅Presale Rate 0.001$

1 ETH = 1.650.000 SAFO

✅Private sale rate 0.0008$

“Till/Below 1 ETH Contribution”
1 ETH = 2.062.500 SAFO

✅Private sale rate 0.0007$

“Above 1 ETH contribution”
1 ETH = 2.355.000 SAFO

About US

SafeOne Chain promises a safer crypto space by offering high security against on-chain exploitation. The project utilizes state-of-the-art vetting and profiling through blockchain detectives to prevent suspicious projects from launching on the SafeOne Blockchain. Additionally, SafeOne offers unique utility NFTs as part of their insurance packages to safeguard investments in projects launching on their Blockchain. The project also includes SafeOne Swap, SafeOne Staking, and the SafeOne Wallet for a comprehensive DeFi experience.

SafeOne Swap

Swap your favorites crypto-assets from one to another, over 1200+ crypto-assets has been verified and available to trade. Fast transactions and low fees are guaranteed.

SafeOne (SAFO) will be the main token in our SAFO ecosystem. As the preferred token we plan to use the SafeOne Token staking, governance, paying transaction fees and gaining eligibility in the Chain ecosystem.

To bridge centralized exchanges and make it easy for non crypto user to enter SafeOne Chains Ecosystem we offer one fiat to crypto solution (buy Safo with credit card) integrated in our swap and through our service partner.


Are you looking for a trusted Audit or AI KYC Service? SafeOne Chain is here to fulfill your needs. You can get in Contact with us and/or fill out the application form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.



Audits = Request a quote.

Contact us on Telegram @Mathias_Safeone

Or fill the application form.

SafeOne Wallet

SafeOne Wallet is the official crypto wallet and the main tool of SafeOne Chain. You can send, receive and store Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and digital assets safely and securely with the SafeOne Wallet. It will be the centre of all SafeOne Chain functions as SafeOne validator program, SafeOne stake on chain, SafeOne Bridge, SafeOne Bots and many more

SafeOne Insurance

SafeOne Chain will offer different kind of Insurance policies to back up any type of scam/rug on the SafeOne Chain. In event of an exploit all invested funds up to the maximum insurance limit will be refunded. Once the policy is paid out or the validity of the NFT expires, the NFT will be burned.

Expired and unused NFTs can be exchanged against new and valid ones for just 25% of your first purchase price.

SafeOne Payments solution

SafeOne chains credit card front-end payments solution uses the best way for non-crypto users to purchase $SAFO token without even having to buy first the mother chain token and then on a decentralized exchange your $SAFO. With our payment solutions, you can buy with a credit card directly on our website and $SAFO send straight into your wallet. Easy as never before and accessible to everyone. Further SafeOne Chain offers a variety of non conventional payment solutions through various Partnerships. Check it out and use $SAFO just as regular Fiat.

SafeOne digital "non KYC" debit card

With the SafeOne digital debit card, you can buy worldwide products up to dollar 500 without any KYC. You will be able to use $SAFO or stable coin for charging your debit card with crypto and purchase totally anonymously the products and services you desire.

Road Map


Mathias W.



  • Entrepreneur since 21 years
  • Crypto Lover since 2012
  • Crypto team up since 2019
  • First own crypto project in 2022
  • Hobbys: C++, Solidity, music and festivals
  • Owner of QBE Labs

Bintara Setyawan



  • Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
  • Analysis Contract Crypto Currency
  • Coding specialist SQL, C++, Python, Solidity
  • Operation System and Evaluation Manager
  • Electrical Engineering

Manuel Acevedo


Web Development

  • Graphic Designer
  • 3 years of experience designing for the crypto world
  • Knowledge in C++, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Systems Engineer

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