Frequently asked questions

Safeone Chain was established to address the urgent need for a self-regulated crypto infrastructure in response to global regulations imposed by non-crypto authorities. We aim to combat issues like rug pulls and scams that have plagued early-stage startups and the broader crypto industry. Our focus is on enhancing the security and integrity of blockchain protocols, creating a strong defense against fraudulent behavior, and contributing to the overall well-being of the crypto space.

Through state-of-the-art vetting conducted by professional blockchain investigators, tokenized NFT keys are used for deploying contracts on the Safeone Blockchain. These keys function similarly to a kill switch but without compromising security layers and protection. Additionally, tokenized insurance policies are in place to manage the remaining risks.

Investors can acquire NFTs with various policy and validity levels. In the event of proven malicious behavior in projects launched on the Safeone Blockchain, investors have the option to claim their initial investments in the respective project and receive refunds up to the maximum insurance policy claim level.

You can acquire a wide range of products through regular purchases on our DEX, OTC Farms, or Launchpad. These products will be available on the Safeone side of the project and the protocols and dapps launched on the Safeone Blockchain.

Vetting will be conducted by state-of-the-art blockchain investigators and AI profiling. The criteria encompass both on and off-chain behavior, business history, and confidential factors similar to FBI profiling, providing insights into the past behavior of teams and businesses associated with projects launching on the Safeone Blockchain. This approach will establish an unprecedented level of security in the crypto space, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent activities within these projects.

Yes, absolutely. Once a project or developer has successfully passed the vetting process, they will be issued a unique NFT that grants them the ability to deploy contracts and software on the Safeone Blockchain.

To begin with, we will employ both human resources and AI to actively monitor any signs of fraudulent behavior. If warning signs emerge, we will conduct an internal risk assessment and, in the worst-case scenario, revoke the deployment NFTs for such projects. Trading for the project will be temporarily suspended until all parameters are clarified. If the project is proven to be a bad actor, trading will not resume, and liquidity will be determined based on the interests of all investors in the project. In such situations, our Safeone insurance policies are in place to support and protect invested funds up to the maximum policy claim levels.

Apart from the initial vetting fees, there will be no additional charges for projects launching on the Safeone Blockchain.

We will collaborate with various academies and nonprofit organizations to educate both investors and projects. Our goal is to foster a culture of knowledge that not only improves our internal processes but also benefits the entire crypto space..

You can engage with us through our various social media platforms, subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates, and participate in collaboration events. Additionally, we are planning to partner with different media channels to establish a comprehensive and up-to-date community accessible anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, we have plans to implement advanced AI assistance at a later stage.